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Dr. Daniel Lee

Meet Dr. Daniel Lee

Hailing from the verdant landscapes of Vancouver, Washington, Dr. Daniel Lee embarked on his journey into dentistry with a profound dedication to enhancing smiles and improving lives. His academic path led him from Pacific Union College, where he completed his undergraduate studies in 2002, to the esteemed halls of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 2006. Driven by a deep affinity for the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Lee chose to lay down his professional roots in this region, where he has been nurturing smiles in private practice for over 15 years.

Dr. Lee's pursuit of excellence in dentistry is evident in his commitment to ongoing education and specialization, particularly in the field of implant dentistry. His expertise is backed by a mini-residency at Nobel BioCare's headquarters in Yorba Linda, CA, and an intensive year-long course at the Misch Institute, under the mentorship of the globally acclaimed implantologist, Carl Misch. Furthermore, Dr. Lee's proficiency in creating harmonious smiles extends to his certification in Invisalign, complemented by advanced training in occlusion principles from Phelan Dental Seminars.

Beyond the confines of his practice, Dr. Lee is passionate about giving back to the community, volunteering with Impact Your Health Portland to offer essential dental services to those in need. His personal life is rich with the joys of family time, shared with his wife, who is also a dentist, and their two daughters. Dr. Lee finds solace and rejuvenation in serving his church and exploring the outdoors, often with a set of golf clubs in hand.

Dr. Daniel Lee is more than just a dentist; he is a cornerstone of his Portland community, a dedicated family man, and a fervent believer in the power of a healthy smile to transform lives.

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